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Europe - Escorted Eastern Europe
* Why Escorted? *
The traditional way to see Europe and a wonderful way for first-timers to experience Eastern Europe. This type of vacations are worry-free. You travel with a group of people, led by an expert guide of the area who fills your imagination with details of the cities and countries you visit. All the important "must see's" are already included in your package and you stay at First class properties. Just choose your departure date and enjoy Europe with an expert guide.
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Discover modern and dynamic cities, magical landscapes with lush rolling hills, fairytale castles and medieval towns.
A 10,000 year old civilization, a crossroads of religion, majestic mountains & valleys to lakes, waterfalls and grottoes plus unique historical and archaeological sites.
The Adriatic Sea with 1,185 islands to explore. There are calm bays, secreted coves and beaches, vineyards, olive groves, plus remarkably well preserved ancient towns.
An escorted motorcoach tour which allows you to travel in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, staying in Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Beginning of tour in Europe: Fridays
2015: 08-May; 22-May; 05-Jun; 19-Jun; 03-Jul; 31-Jul; 14-Aug; 04-Sep; 18-Sep; 02-Oct; 23-Oct

Please note that for 2016, while the itineraries for Days 2 and 3 remain the same, the order of the two days has been reversed. This means that on Day 2 you will be doing Day 3 activities, and vice-versa.
2016: 22-Apr; 06 and 20-May; 03 and 17-Jun; 01 and 15-Jul; 12-Aug; 02, 16 and 30-Sep; 21-Oct
9 nights from $2,968*
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6 nights from $2,313*
8 nights from $3,005*
  More details
  More details
  More details
Prague - Vienna (Escorted)
6 nights from $2,614*
Vienna - Budapest (Escorted)
6 nights from $2,457*
Warsaw - Berlin - Prague (Escorted)
6 nights from $2,220*
The Best of Russia - Baltic States and Warsaw
More details
Highlights of Slovenia (Escorted)
6 nights from $2,314*
Discovering the Balkans (Escorted)
9 nights from $2,655*
*Sample prices on display include ALL taxes & fuel surcharges... read more
Croatia Express (Escorted)
8 nights from $2,780*
Belgrade to Zagreb (Escorted)
10 nights from $3,224*
Dubrovnik to Venice (Escorted)
10 nights from $3,454*
Warsaw to Vienna (Escorted)
8 nights from $2,502*
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We had a great time on the vacation. We never had any problems with any of the accommodations, flights, transfers or tou
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6 nts from $1,095*
It was great! Convenient way to get flights in and out of two different cities in Spain! Hotels were great! Laura W.
Traveled on: July 09
6 nts from $975*
Wow! What an amazing trip we had! We were so thrilled with our seat assignments on all of our flights. Our hotels wer
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