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Chianti Wine Region: Point of Interest Map
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Chianti Wine Region Vacations

Map of Chianti
Regions of Tuscany

South of Siena - Hill towns, valleys, medieval castles guarding narrow road passes and isolated farmhouses. Perhaps Tuscany`s most captivating and picturesque region.

Land of castle-dominated hill towns, misty blue mountains, and the remnants of Apennine forests. Splendid landscapes with famous monastic settlements, century-old trees and Romanesque parishes.

Relatively uncrowded between Florence and Pisa - Towns with true architectural beauty and charm: mazes of narrow streets, Romanesque churches and beyond them stretches a land of genteel spas such as Montecatini Terme.

Extensive beaches surrounded by high dunes and fresh pinewoods, characterized by clean water (certified blue flag beaches), interesting villages, and a background of the Apuan Alps.
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Chianti, located in the center of Tuscany between Florence, Siena and Arezzo, is a charming hill covered region offering a picturesque landscape of small stone villages, sprawling vineyards and olive groves. With tall green cypress trees and woods bordered with yellow broom, its palette of colors combine to create a painting beautiful enough to rival those of the famous art museums nearby. From its Etruscan beginnings through the time of the Romans, the ancient region of Chianti was a rich and bountiful land. Mostly inaccessible, it was preserved from ruinous barbarian invasions after the decline of the Roman Empire, but was a constant battlefield from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance between Siena and Florence that both wanted control over its riches. When the fighting finally ended, valleys were cleared and cultivated with chestnut woods as well as olive groves and vineyards, which continue to enrich the region today.
Best Chianti Wine Region Vacation Packages:
Suggested Chianti Wine Region Vacation Packages:
Genoa - Cinque Terre - Florence - Chianti - Rome
11 nights from $1,534*
Florence and the Chianti Wine Region
7 nights from $1,043*
Chianti Getaway
7 nights from $985*
Florence and Radda in Chianti
7 nights from $1,023*

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