City Center

Basel`s city center, which is relatively small, is where you will find all the sights that are connected to Basel. The heart of the city beats in Basel`s well-preserved, romantic Old town: its narrow streets and hidden squares with more than 180 fountains are just as charming as its many centuries-old buildings and houses. Staying within the center of the city will allow you easy access to many of the famous restaurants, traditional bars, public transportation, and specialty shops in the surrounding area. Some of the town`s attractions within the city center include world-class museums, the Rhine river, the Zoological Garden, the gothic Basel Cathedral, City Hall and much more.


The hotels located on the outskirts are generally within a few miles from the city center of Basel. These hotels offer easy access to many of the city`s local attractions, either within walking distance or by a short drive. Most often, these hotels are in an immediate vicinity of restaurants and bars, as well as a public transportation stop. You will want to take note of the public transportation options when staying in any of the outskirt hotel options.