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Bohemia: Point of Interest Map
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Major Cities

Named the City of a Thousand Spires, Prague has stood the test of time: 1,000 years of art and architecture have withstood all conflict. Its Old Town Square is the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. Completed in 1402, pedestrian Charles Bridge is lined with statues of Catholic saints. Today new shops and restaurants have opened, the arts and theater are thriving and it all plays against a stunning backdrop of towering churches and centuries-old bridges and alleyways.

Ceské Budejovice is located in South Bohemia, at the confluence of the Vltava and the Malše Rivers. It is perhaps best-known as the birthplace of the Budweiser beer, which inspired similar lagers such as the popular American brand. City life has been centered on Premysl Otakar II Square, which at over 200,000 square feet in size is one of the largest town squares in the country outside of Prague. Just off the square, you will find St. Nicholas Cathedral and the 16th-century Black Tower, which affords great views of the town from a height of over 230 feet. The famed Hluboká Castle is just ten minutes outside of town.

Ceský Krumlov, situated on the Vltava River, is the southernmost major city in Bohemia and in the Czech Republic. The biggest landmark and tourist attraction is Ceský Krumlov Castle, dating from 1240, which overlooks the town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A 27-acre Baroque garden is located on the site, as is a Baroque theatre. The town is known as a budding foodie destination, and also serves as a great jumping-off point for those wanting to explore the Bohemian Forest National Park, the largest national park in the country.

Karlovy Vary -- known as Carlsbad in German and named for the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bavaria, Charles IV, who founded the city -- is the largest spa town in the Czech Republic. Located in western Bohemia, this spa town is home to 13 large springs and over 300 smaller springs. The Teplá River, which runs through the town, is a warm-water river -- the name even means `warm` in Czech. The town is also well-known for Becherovka bitter liqueur, thin Carlsbad dessert wafers, and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, perhaps the most influential film festival in Central Europe.

Mariánské Lázne is located in the western portion of Bohemia. Like Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázne is a well-known spa town; many of the buildings in the city date from the late 19th century when it was called Marienbad and hosted European luminaries which range from kings and queens to musical composers. The past few decades have brought a renewal to the town and tens of thousands of foreign visitors each year bathe and drink waters from the town`s mineral springs, which number over 100. The town is located between the Emperor`s Forest and the Upper Palatine Forest.
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Bohemia, the western portion of the modern-day Czech Republic, is filled with history that stretches back nearly a millennium. It is home to approximately 60% of the country`s population, and seven of the country`s top ten most populous cities. Perhaps the most popular castles in the country are located here, such as Prague Castle and Karlštejn Castle, as are a number of important national parks and protected lands such as the Bohemian Forest, the Elbe River watershed, and Bohemian Switzerland. Principal cities in the region include Prague, the nation`s capital; the spa towns of Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázne in the west; and the important commercial and cultural centers of Ceské Budejovice and Ceský Krumlov in the south, which, like Prague, are situated on the Vltava River, the longest river in the country.


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