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Asilah: Point of Interest Map
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Asilah Vacations

Map of Asilah
Cities in Morocco

Asilah is a oft-overlooked historic gem located on the Atlantic coast just 20 miles south of Tangier. The Almohad dynasty built the city walls and the Portuguese, who called this city Arzila, strengthened the defenses to what you see today. The medina of Asilah has a distinct Portuguese feel as most buildings date from the colonial era. Asilah is a popular seaside resort, and tens of thousands of wealthy Moroccans vacation here each year. The delicious dishes of Asilah are a fusion of Moroccan, Portuguese, and Valencian cuisines.

Please note we do not offer hotels or other activities in this city at this time, but you can explore it by choosing it as an addition on one of the packages listed below.

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