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Best of Italy
* Highlights of Italy *

One can easily be overwhelmed when attempting to plan a trip to Italy. There are the classics: Rome, Florence, Venice - and a best-selling itinerary including them all. Then there is Tuscany. And then there are also the Italian Riviera, The Amalfi Coast, Pisa, Naples, and Sicily. Where to start? We made it easy on you. The itineraries here are the best Italy has to offer.
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Be it the art, the countryside, the food or the wine, there is no shortage of things to see and do.

The mild climate, the splendor of the coasts, the richness of its art and history!

Spectacular mountain scenery and breathtaking beauty with dozens of colorful small towns dotingt the shorelines.

Picturesque cliff-top villages on unique and strikingly beautiful coastlines with sparkling blue waters plus stylish elegance and old fashioned charm.

A vast open-air museum with Roman amphitheaters, Greek temples and Norman castles and with a sea sculpted coastline of stunning variety and beauty.

Best Vacation Packages

Our #1 Bestseller and the perfect introduction to Italy! Visit 3 fascinating cities in Italy with a vacation package to Europe: Rome (Italy`s treasure with two millennia of artistic achievement); Florence (Michelangelo`s David, Botticelli`s Birth of Venus, and Raphael`s La Velata) and Venice (Sumptuous palaces and romantic waterways). Travel between these cities by very convenient train rides which allow you an opportunity to observe the lovely country side. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
7 nights from $809*
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Suggested Vacation Packages

Venice - Florence - Rome and Amalfi
12 nights from $1,255
Rome and Florence by Train
6 nights from $1,077
Rome - Florence - Southern Tuscany and Venice
11 nights from $1,481
Charms of Italy
8 nights from $971
Venice - Florence - Rome - Sorrento (Escorted)
More details
Milan - Venice - Florence - Rome by Train
9 nights from $959
Milan - Venice - Florence - Rome and Sorrento
13 nights from $1,543
Journey through Tuscany and Umbria
8 nights from $912
The Best of Amalfi and Naples
7 nights from $1,177
Amalfi - Sorrento - Capri - Naples
9 nights from $1,223
Rome - Siena - Pisa - Florence - Verona - Venice by Train
More details
Catania - Syracuse - Ragusa - Agrigento - Palermo (Self Drive)
11 nights from $1,200
Northern Italy
6 nights from $1,088
Palermo - Agrigento - Syracuse - Taormina by Train
More details
Rome - Tuscany - The Veneto - Lake Como - Milan by Train
13 nights from $1,360
From Venice to Rome via Tuscany plus Amalfi Coast
11 nights from $1,457

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Have used this website for 2 Europe trips and both have been perfect. Franklin E.
Traveled on: 2/26/2020
6 nts from $749.00*
There was some difficulty with the last leg of the trip because of the Covid-19 situation. So we had to cut the trip short but we were having issues with hotel and the return flight. We contacted the staff several times about it. The staff was always professional and always got back to us concerning the change status. Lotoya S.
Traveled on: 2/25/2020
7 nts from $809.00*
We went to London and Paris. it was easy to book flight, hotel and Eurostar train from London to Paris. Will use again and will recommend to our friends. Mahendra S.
Traveled on: 3/2/2020
6 nts from $879.00*
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