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Best of Southern Europe
* Why Southern Europe *

A vast majority of our passengers focus their visit to Europe in its Southern region: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece. The climate, the warmth of its people, the food and the intense history and amazing architecture of the area contribute to its allure. We thought we would make it easy for you by featuring our best-selling packages combining these countries. These packages are perennial favorites and, as with any itinerary featured on our site, are fully customizable and flexible.
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These packages are perennial favorites. They save us valuable research time and give us a sense of what travelers like us enjoyed in the past

Worry free vacations! You travel with a group of people, led by an expert guide who will show you all the "must see's" of the cities and countries you visit.

If you haven't done it already, you have to travel by train in Europe!

The best way to see some of the old continent's most picturesque regions.

You will always have London and Paris and we won't take that away from you. But why not throw in another city and multiply your experience.

A concentrated taste of European diversity by visiting its most popular cities. London? Paris? Berlin? Vienna? We have all these and more.
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Best Vacation Packages

Discover the best of France and Italy! With our European vacation packages, you can combine Paris and Rome into one unforgettable getaway. Explore the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysses and Roman Coliseum all on one vacation. Be enlightened by Europe's historical background with masterpieces from more than two millennia of artistic achievement, and much more. Customize your independent itinerary with a trip to the Louvre or the Vatican with flights between the cities. With so much to see and do, we want you to make the most of your vacation. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
6 nights from $1,219*
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Suggested Vacation Packages

Barcelona and Rome by Air
6 nights from $1,239
Madrid and Rome by Air
6 nights from $1,247
Lisbon and Barcelona by Air
6 nights from $1,349
Barcelona - Paris - Rome - Athens by Air
12 nights from $4,229
Paris and Venice - Florence - Rome
10 nights from $1,659
Barcelona - Paris - Venice - Rome by Air
11 nights from $1,598
Paris - Rome - Athens by Air
9 nights from $1,469
Lisbon and Madrid - Seville - Granada - Barcelona
14 nights from $1,649
Madrid - San Sebastian - Bordeaux - Paris by Train
8 nights from $2,113
Madrid - Rome - Athens by Air
9 nights from $4,240
Madrid - Barcelona and Venice - Rome
11 nights from $1,619
Barcelona - Nice - Venice by Air
6 nights from $1,841
Barcelona and Nice - Carcassonne - Toulouse - Paris
10 nights from $2,239
Costa Brava and the French Riviera by Train
12 nights from $2,312

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Everything went smoothly and you communicated efficiently. Ronald S.
Traveled on: 9/5/2021
6 nts from $1,159.00*
Hotels were as advertised, easy booking and very little hassle with basically everything. will book again soon! Ryan T.
Traveled on: 4/11/2022
7 nts from $1,219.00*
Everything was wonderful, and I`ve told everyone who asks about my trip to use TripMasters! Elizabeth L.
Traveled on: 9/11/2021
6 nts from $1,259.00*
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