By Bus

The main form of public transport on Mahe Island is public buses. The bus services on Mahe are extensive with routes and destinations marked on the front of buses, and timetables and maps are posted at the main terminus in Victoria. The flat rate for a bus ride is approximately SR6, you pay the driver as you board. There are bus stops and shelters all over the island. Most buses run every 30 minutes, but don’t have air conditioning, yet offer an affordable way to travel the entire island.

By Taxi

There are plenty of taxis on Mahe Island, taxis are metered and will often act as a tour guide, you can sometimes negotiate a rate beforehand. You can hail a taxi from the street in populated areas like Victoria or you can order a taxi by phone. The first 0.6 miles costs around SR19, and every 0.6 miles after costs SR6.

By Ferry

There are many ferry services available on Mahe Island, Victoria is the starting point for many boat trips to the surrounding islands. Mahe is closest to Praslin and La Digue Islands via a short ferry ride and cost between SR835 and SR1,060. Cat Cocos (Mahe and Praslin) and Cat Rose (Praslin to La Digue) is the main ferry provider that travels the main routes daily between the three major islands and the journeys take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

By Bicycle

Bikes can be rented from many locations on the island and riding a bike is one of the most popular ways to explore the island. Renting a bicycle costs around SR160 and bikes can be rented from most hotels and other rental shops. The entire island of Mahe is only 16 miles long and is easily navigated by bicycle leading to beaches, villages, attractions, and more.

On Foot

Walking around the main towns including Victoria while on Mahe Island will lead you to many attractions, eateries, and shops. Taking leisurely walks along the beautiful beaches and discover the true beauty of the island is an amazing experience. Hiking through the lush verdant interior of the island and up mountains is another enjoyable experience.

By Car

The best way to travel around Mahe Island is by renting a car, one main road loops around the perimeter of the island. Traveling away from the main town of Victoria will bring visitors to the quieter parts of the island following the coastal beach filled roads and through quaint villages decorated with tropical flowers and roadside shops. There are many magical destinations to visit on Mahe Island, with well-signposted roads and attractions that are easily reached via car. Car rentals are available at the airport as well as in the main towns throughout the island costing around SR1077 per day. The roads can be steep, narrow, and have tight turns, so drive with caution and keep your eyes on the road.