April - May (Springtime)

Springtime in Bulgaria is a beautiful season with mild weather, especially along the coastline when temperatures start to warm up and are influenced by the Mediterranean climate. April and May can often still see snow in the higher parts of the country, but the valleys start to warm up. The landscapes come alive during the springtime with verdant countryside and pastures filled with poppies, primroses, and a variety of wild orchids. The spring months can still be a wet time of year in Bulgaria, so having an umbrella and raincoat handy is advised. The average temperatures this time of year range from 72-74 degrees, lows can drop to 46 degrees. Springtime is one of the busiest seasons in Bulgaria with many visitors making the trip to the country to experience outdoor activities such as hiking.

Events and Festivals

-Humour Carnival - May - Annual festival held in Gabrovo, in the heart of Bulgaria in the middle of May. Includes a carnival parade, with floats, food, wine, and Balkan music.

-Orthodox Easter