September - October - (Autumn)

The fall months in Bulgaria bring the start of the colder weather with the build up to winter. However, the fall months especially September and October are simply stunning in the cities and mountain towns. The country starts to light up with the fiery fall foliage, and the mountains and national parks are utterly spectacular. The temperatures are still pleasant with warm temperatures and cooler evenings, visitors can still check out the beaches during this time or head to the mountains. The vineyards around the Struma Valley and Melnik are bustling with energy and activity in the fall, grapes are harvested until the end of October. The ski resorts in Bulgaria start to open up in December and the end of the ski season is mid-April. Temperature averages during the fall season range from 50-78 making things feel a bit chilly, rain and snow can be prominent 3-4 days per month.

Events and Festivals

-Puppet Theatre Festival - September (Friday’s and Saturday’s) - Sofia

-Euro Folk Black Sea Festival - September 2-7 - Tsarevo

-Bulgarian Plum Festival - September 18-20 - Troyan

-Independence Day - September 22-23