Our hotels in this area are located in the town of La Spezia. You can get to La Spezia by train or with a rent a car. Once there, the most convenient way to arrive to the Cinque Terre is by train. From La Spezia, you can take a regional train that stops in every village of the Cinque Terre (every 40-50 min) or go for a walk through the city of La Spezia to the dock to take the motor ship.

Information centers can be found at all railway stations of La Spezia and villages of Cinque Terre.

Note that some trains from La Spezia don't stop in all towns, and only go to Monterosso, because it is a big resort town.

We recommend that you purchase the Cinque Terre card (day pass or more days are available) if you want to travel with comfort within the Cinque Terre.

The Cinque Terre train schedule and ticket prices are available in the tourist centers, which are located in all railway stations of the Cinque Terre. For the tech savvy, there is a smartphone application named 'Orari Treni', that is very useful.