Day 1 in Blois

Welcome to Blois! Upon arrival, you will go through customs and immigration. Make your transfer to your destination, arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do.

Begin your afternoon getting acquainted with the city. We suggest you start by crossing the bridge in the town center and walk a short distance along the river banks on the other side of town. This long stone bridge in Bloise, the Pon Jacques Gabriel, dates from the 18th century. The view from across the town is very beautiful, and also helps you get a sense of where each of the main monuments in the town is situated.

While on the north side of the river, pay a visit to the Church of Saint-Saturnin, one of the oldest churches in Blois, as well as the aître of Saint Saturnin: the aître is one of just a few cemeteries in France surrounded by galleries and is now the Lapidary Museum (with historic carved stones). Spend some time admiring the beautiful Gothic décor, hexagonal stairs, lovely stained-glass windows, fine paintings and statues.

Grab some lunch in one of the charming cafes and spend the remaining part of your day wandering the historic area of Blois, Vieux Blois (Old Town). This area boasts distinctive old world charm with half-timbered burghers` houses, narrow ancient streets and picturesque staircases. The Rue Puits-Châtel crosses the Old Town and includes staircases with charming views.

There are many elegant Renaissance houses throughout the town including the fantastic Maison des Acrobates with carved details of nimble acrobats on the facade; the Hôtel de Condé on the Rue de Juifs (in the former Jewish Ghetto); and the grand Hôtel Sardini, a stately building and historic monument.

As night falls enjoy a traditional French dinner at one of the restaurants on the Loire River, a beautiful setting to take in the ambiance of the city at night.

Day 2 in Blois

Start your day early and head out to one of the markets in town that take place daily at various locations (except Mondays). The markets offer various local produce and regional delicacies, a true feast of sights and smells. Grab some breakfast while strolling the market before heading out for more sightseeing.

Make your way to the Place du Chateau (atop the hill from Old Town) where you`ll be delighted with beautiful views across the town and river. You will also find the Maison de la Magie here, a popular attraction devoted entirely to the fantastical world of magic. Several rooms are dedicated to Robert-Houdini that exhibit his life and work, as well as exhibitions that show the history of magic and a variety of optical illusions.

From here, make your way over to the Church of Saint-Vicent, a spectacular Baroque style church on the Place Victor-Hugo. The church was built in the 17th-century, designed in the Jesuit style, offering many fine sculptures and beautiful gardens that provide a tranquil place to stroll with beautiful views across the town and castle.

Spend the last part of your day on the Loire River. From May to October you can board a traditional `toue cabanee` vessel for an hour-long cruise on the Loire, with an experienced guide filling you in on river life in centuries past.

Alternatively, head a short distance north of the town center, on Rue de la Paxin to the Fondation du Doute. This museum of contemporary art from the 60s and 70s is dedicated to the radical movement Fluxus, an innovative art which pushed the boundaries of what could be considered `art`. The museum features various contemporary artworks and interactive art exhibits, among the artist on display - Yoko Ono, John Cage and Wolf Vostell. A trendy casual restaurant can be found here as well, the Café le Fluxus, offering snacks and pastries with a creative flair.

In the evening, make your way to Place Louis XII, where you will find several bars with terraces under the majestic trees that make up for a large part of the charm here. Wind down with some great food and drinks before heading back to your hotel.

Day 3 in Blois

Wake up early today and head to the Château de Blois, a Renaissance château once occupied by King Louis XII, this is one of the most historically important castles of France. The castle was home to a number of French kings, and was also the place where Joan of Arc went in 1429 to be blessed by the Archbishop of Reims, before she departed with her army to drive the English from Orléans during the Hundred Years War.

The chateau comprises several parts and wings, a total of 564 rooms and 75 staircases. The Chateau that we now see was built over the course of several hundred years, from the 13th to the 17th centuries. The most renowned architecture in the Chateau de Blois is the spiral staircase, found in the François I wing.

Spend the remaining part of your day visiting more of the Loire Valley. With every turn in the road, it seems, a magical chateau appears. Among almost 25 are open to the public in the area, but it`s best to focus on a few. To the east of Blois you can visit two of the most important castles of the Valley: the Chateau de Chambord, the largest and most visited castle in the region, and the Chateau de Cheverny, a more recent castle and with the most beautiful interiors in the regions.

After a busy day of sightseeing, head back to your hotel for a good night rest.

Additional Days in Blois

Should you be able to spend additional days in Blois spend time exploring more of the Loire Valley. There are countless opportunities for wine tasting at vineyards across the region, as well as so many beautiful chateaus to discover.

Your Last Day in Blois

Depart your hotel for the airport for the airport or train station where you will head home or make your way to more European adventures. Savor the memories of a very special time in Bloise and the Loire Valley of France.