Alstadt (Old Town)

Located on the northern Main river bank and covering less than half a square kilometer, the Altstadt (old town) is the smallest district in Frankfurt, and serves as the backbone and historic center. Here you will find many of Frankfurt`s most important sights, including the Römer square with the Rathaus (Town Hall), and many other middle-age style buildings which are mostly actually reconstructions after being destroyed from World War II. Nearby is the St. Bartholmaus Cathedral that today, stands more as a symbol of German freedom and democracy than for Christianity, and is frequently used for art exhibitions and special gatherings. Alstadt is also where you will find many historic restaurants serving traditional local fare. Be sure to walk to Fressgasse (eating street), a pedestrian-only street of cafes, gourmet food shops, and jazz clubs.


The Innenstadt is the city`s center and the commercial heart of the city, where most of the city`s banks and financial institutions are housed. This area covers from Konstablerwache all the way up to Alte Oper. It is home to the Zeil, Germany`s longest Fussgängerzone (pedestrian shopping street), where you will find the best stores in the city. Many of these stores include exclusive boutiques and famous brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Channel among others. The streets here are also filled with many cafes and restaurants to stop and grab a bite while shopping.


This neighborhood south of the river, like other parts of Frankfurt, is a mix of old and new and is a trendy destination for art lovers, thanks to it housing some of the finest museums in Europe. Sachsenhausen retains more charm than most areas, making it popular with tourists and young locals. The main street, Schweizerstraße, offers great shopping with a mix of boutiques, delis and bakeries, bookshops, flower shops, trendy cafes and restaurants. There is lots to do in the area including great flea markets and some of Germany`s best museums.