March - May

This is a wonderful time of year when the country welcomes the beginning of the warm season. Temperatures are usually comfortable, and the crowds aren`t too intense. In terms of cost, you`ll find it to be cheaper than summer, especially if you`re going in early spring, April is when you`ll typically start to see the increase in rates.

Springtime is when tourism kicks into high gear in the major cities. This time of year is known to be the best time to enjoy sightseeing throughout Italy (other than Easter week). Easter is the moment when Italian beach resorts proclaim the season open. In major cities, tourism gets into high gear.

Events and Festivals

-Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

-April 15 (Milan Marathon)

-April 25 (`Rosebud Festival` in Venice)

-April 25 (Liberation Day)

-May 1 (Labor Day)

-May 5-27 Giro d`Italia (Italy`s annual bike race)