On Foot

Luxembourg City is made for walking, it`s really the best way to explore the city. Most major attractions are within 1/3 mile of the center of town. Beyond that, though, the hilly nature of the city and the distance to other points of interest may start to take a toll. The many green spaces and parks invite either a relaxing sit-down or a leisurely stroll to slow your sightseeing pace.

The countryside of Luxembourg is filled with plains, forests, lakes and rivers, and fascinating landscapes all around. There are so many hiking trails throughout the country that you can explore all five regions of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg this way: from the capital and its surroundings, to the Ardennes, to the Land of the Red Rocks in the south, to the Mullerthal Region and the Moselle Region.

By Bus

Buses are regular and they all pass through the central bus station Hamilius. The fare is around €2.00; an all-day ticket costs about €4 and is valid for all buses/trains in the entire country, make use of it if you go on any day-trips around the country. More information on Luxembourg City bus is available at

By Car

Driving in Luxembourg City isn`t too difficult, but it is not necessary once in-town since all the attractions are within easy walking distance. We suggest parking your car and saving it for day trips outside the city. Street parking is available, but is not the best option. We recommend using one of the many parking garages. The city map supplied by the tourist office has parking areas clearly marked. The three most centrally located underground parking garages are off bd. Royal near the post office, off rue Notre-Dame, and at place du Théâtre.

A car rental gives you the means to travel around the Luxembourg region in comfort and style, as well as providing the freedom to drive anywhere in the country you like. A car rental makes it possible to visit even more little towns and villages of the country, and you can enjoy scenic drives around this small country. The country can be driven from end to end in just one day. Car rentals can be found at the airport and within the city of Luxembourg. Like most of Europe, Luxembourgers drive on the right-hand side of the road.

By Taxi

Taxis are quite expensive in Luxembourg. The standard fare is about 0.80 Euros per km, but expect to pay a 10 percent surcharge at night (10 pm to 6 am), and a 25 percent surcharge on Sundays and holidays. Asking a taxi to wait for you will cost EUR 0.21 per minute.

Taxis can be booked by telephone or hailed from a stand outside public buildings such as train stations.

By Bicycle

The city operates a self-service bike system (Velóh) and the stations can be found in various locations around the city center. You first need to get a pass which can be obtained from one of the terminals at the bike stations. The initial subscription is payable by bank card at one of the special stands. A 7-day pass costs about €1 and every first 30 min are free. Each additional hour costs €1 for a maximum total of about €5 for 24 hours.