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Rissani: Point of Interest Map
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Rissani Vacations

Map of Rissani
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Rissani is a town on the edge of the Erg Chabbi, one of the steppes of the Sahara Desert. Today`s Rissani grew from the trading outpost of Sijilmasa, once the capital of a grand kingdom and later one of the most important commercial hubs of the trans-Sahara trade route. The current town was founded a short distance from Sijilmasa, which was largely destroyed by the Ait Atta tribe in 1818. The ruins of Sijilmasa are open to visitors, and in Rissani you will find many opportunities to shop for authentic souvenirs, as it is renowned as a market town.

Please note we do not offer hotels or other activities in this city at this time, but you can explore it by choosing it as an addition on one of the packages listed below.

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