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Sao Tome Island: Point of Interest Map
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Sao Tome Island
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The sheer natural beauty of Sao Tome Island is astonishing. Lush tropical rainforests, rugged coastlines, ocean views, hidden coves and beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls and prominent peaks, the list goes on. This is a destination that boasts pristine nature at every turn. Moreover, this beautiful island can be visited all year round, and visitors favourite time of the year is in between February, August or December, as it comes with sunny temperatures, great scuba and snorkelling conditions for all levels, and clear hiking trails in the lush rainforests. Believe it or not, the country boasts several native animals including the Sao Tome shrew, various species of bat, the smallest Ibis in the world, as well as the largest sunbird in the world.

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