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When Warsaw, Poland's capital and largest city, was founded nearly 700 years ago, it was a small but vibrant trading post where the Old Town Market Square (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) was the center of daily life. As a matter of fact, the Warsaw of today is a metropolis of three million people spread across 200 square miles, far from its humble beginnings on 35 acres. Moreover, the Warsaw of today has survived indignity and strife. It survived three partitions of Poland; a systematic carpet-bombing during World War II; and later the Communist regime, which limited freedom of movement and expression. Believe it or not, now Warsaw is one of Europe's hubs of art, culture, entertainment and gastronomy. Warsaw is ready for you to admire its beauty and enjoy its charm.

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Warsaw Getaway
6 nights from $324*
Warsaw - Berlin - Prague by Train
6 nights from $562*
Budapest - Prague - Krakow - Warsaw by Train
8 nights from $836*
Warsaw - Prague - Vienna by Train
6 nights from $711*
Warsaw and Gdansk by Train
6 nights from $543*
Warsaw - Krakow - Budapest - Vienna - Prague
10 nights from $1,093*
Berlin - Krakow - Warsaw by Train
6 nights from $559*
Stockholm and Warsaw by Air
6 nights from $499*

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